Eurogamer Expo 2012: Preview

Time for my first gaming post! The Eurogamer Expo is this weekend and we’ve got the early bird tickets meaning we get to enter an hour earlier (I think…).

I went last year and it was pretty good. Played some Zelda: Skyward Sword. I am a Zelda fanboy (just the 3D console versions by the way), and it utterly failed to impress me. Graphics were shit, I know graphics aren’t everything but the least they could do is not make my eyes bleed. I could actually see the pixels and they were huge. Zelda has definitely lost it’s magic.

The Shadow of the Colossus HD remake did impress me though. So much that I was tempted to blow money on a PS3 for that game alone. One year later and I’ve still not bought it yet, but the constant HD remakes makes it ever more tempting. Journey did impress graphically but the demo I played made it looked boring.

This year though, the Wii U will be there and playable. I have absolutely no interest in buying it. And much like with the Wii, it’ll sell like hotcakes at launch, have a few Triple A first-party exclusives. Then it’ll die a slow death with most games being mediocre at best.

Saying that, I’m still curious over how it’ll play though. And it’ll probably be the only time I’ll ever play it. In my mind though, it’s just be an overblown console remake of the DS. Bottom touch screen (WiiPad) with the main action on the top screen (HDTV).

My last console was the GameCube and I don’t plan on buying any console in the near future. I don’t need them and most games are shit and a total waste of money. Although if the PS3 hits the sub £100 price point I might finally pull the trigger.