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Eurogamer Expo 2012: Review

Review time, less than a day after the event. My quickest blog post write up yet! Not much to say really. Didn’t really play much and the queues to the most popular games were too long.

We absolutely wasted our early bird tickets by queuing up for the Wii U section. We thought it’ll only get longer so might as well when the crowds should be at their lowest. There was over 2 hour queue for the ZombieU game, and that was with just the early birders! When we finally got in (after an hour of queuing in the non ZombieU queue) we wondered around a bit, then promptly left the area. Totally unimpressed by the Wii U. And like I said in my preview, just a gigantic console sized DS.

I was looking forward to trying out Pikmin 3, don’t know why I was so excited about this game. I did like the first one so it’s probably the retro goggles kicking in. But it just looked like a GameCube game (as did most of the games there) and I don’t think the WiiPad was used at all during the game. Just the standard Wiimote and nunchuck combo. It did display a map though…

God of War was impressive though. Even though my friend hyped it up beyond belief. It was my first time playing any of the God of War games and I enjoyed it. Even though it’s more or less a standard hack and slash the controls were tight. Got ganged up on a few times 3-on-1 during multiplayer. I obviously died during those encounters… But nonetheless it was fun.

Dust 514 on the PS3, looked impressive. And after a 20 minute technical hitch, I finally got to actually play it and had no fucking clue what was going on in the game. I then realised how shit the PS3 controller is. What an awful pad. Doom 3 was also underwhelming. A 3D game with shit 3D.

When Vikings Attack for the PS Vita was a nice surprise. A fun game where you throw shit at the other player to knock all their people outside of the circle. As fun as it was though, definitely not worth the price of a normal game. Would make an awesome mobile game though. Very easy to pick up and play.

Played Pro Evo Soccer with my mate a couple times. I’ve been a FIFA guy for the past few years using the 360 pad. My mate has been blindly loyal to Pro Evo even though FIFA has it beat. So, round 1, on a PS3 pad, my mate’s home turf. I beat him 4 nil. Next one, still on the PS3 pad, ended 1-1 and we got kicked off it during extra time due to some tournament. The final round was on the 360 pad, I forgot the score, but I also won that one.

Then we had some fun in the retro section. Multiplayer Mario Kart on the SNES. Which I now suck at since I can’t power slide properly anymore as the recent incarnations have changed the way it works (snaking…). Topped off with a Virtual Tennis thrashing on the Dreamcast. Great fun.

After using the PS3 controller for most of the day, and confirming how much I hate the PS3 controller, it’s still the only console I’ll consider buying. The new 360 controller did feel nicer than the current one. The new D-Pad is weird though and I didn’t like the repositioned select/start buttons.

We’ll probably be back there next year, especially if the rumoured PS4 and Xbox 720 are there and playable. But they’ll probably end up like our Wii U experience this year… Disappointment.