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OnePlus One: Quick Review

After Sony royally messed up an update to my previous phone I decided to (had) to buy a new phone.

I chose the Black 64GB version. Awesome phone and the sandstone back is very cool. I hate slippery phones. And having had this phone for over 6 months I can say I’m very impressed.

I decided to root and flash it immediate and went with BlissPop. Everything works well, camera etc, and it has an immense battery life!

Sony Fucked Up The Xperia Z1 Update

I regret updating my Z1. Kitkat (4.4) was perfect. After updating to Lollipop (5.0), the once perfect battery life is now trashed. It drains in hours without any warning. Going from 90+% to 0% suddenly. Countless attempts to solve this have been in vain. Can’t even easily downgrade it back.

Fucking awful.

I was planning to hold onto this phone for a little while longer and do a proper upgrade. But after a year and a half, my hand was force so I went for the OnePlus One.

Awesome phone (according to the reviews anyway) for such a low price.