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Solid State Drives Are Worth The Expense

I bought my 15″ MacBook Pro (early 2011 model) just over a year ago. I decided against upgrading to an SSD because I thought there was no point. I did get the hi-res anti-glare option. Especially since that part of the machine isn’t user upgradable.

My machine gradually got slower and seemed especially sluggish ever since upgrading to Lion (it can with Snow Leopard). I was advised (by my boss no less) to upgrade to an SSD. So I did, and boy was I glad I did. The speed difference is immense. Forget the price per gig ratio. Especially when compared to traditional hard drives. The performance of SSD’s more then makes up for the lower storage capacity. A worthwhile investment. More so then any RAM or CPU upgrades will ever do since the hard drive will remain the bottleneck.

Now, doing a clean install of Lion instead of upgrading from Snow Leopard might have also helped. But I am more then happy with the end result as it now absolutely flies. Chrome no longer hangs and Photoshop (almost…) opens instantly.